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Did you know that you have a choice in the way you pay for financial services that could dramatically impact your bottom line?  For example, an RIA or Registered Investment Advisor receives no compensation for securities transactions like a traditional broker.  Instead, an RIA is compensated on a small percentage of the value of the account(s) managed.  In this way, the RIA’s interests are aligned with yours.  The more money you make the more the RIA makes and, to us, that just makes sense.

How can you be certain that your advisor is working in your best interest, without the huge conflicts of interests inherent in the brokerage model?  Please accept our invitation to receive Allen Bronton’s FREE eBook “Financial Market Realities.  You can read this short eBook on any device to learn little known secrets about how Wall Street works.  Knowing this information will give you the ability to make better informed decisions going forward, and most importantly help you to discover if your advisor is working in your best interest or that of their employer.

The Difference Between RIAs and Brokers

  • Our Pay Is Fee Based

    Rather than get a commission when you buy a particular investment we recommend to you, our compensation directly reflects how well your accounts are performing. The more you make, the more the we make, so meeting your goals is our number one priority.

  • We Make Your Goals Our Priority

    RIAs, by definition, are fiduciaries and, therefore, are legally required to put the interests of their clients before their own.

  • Conflicts of Interest Disclosed

    Being fiduciaries, RIAs can only receive compensation from their clients and no other source unless disclosing any conflicts of interest.

  • Bad Investment? The Broker Still Gets Paid

    Brokers are compensated by a commission on what they sell you. The broker gets paid whether or not you make any money on your investment.

  • Brokers Typically Are Not Fiduciaries

    Brokers typically cannot be fiduciaries because they are employees of the brokerage firm that compensates them.

  • Conflicts of Interests Need Not Be Disclosed

    Brokers are subject to many conflicts of interest due to their firm’s market making, investment banking and product manufacturing activities. They are not required to disclose those conflicts.

Why You Should Consider Working With Us

Clear Financial Strategies, LLC is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm, specializing in the unique needs of successful family’s, their small businesses and their employees. We utilize a holistic approach that incorporates the firms employee benefits and the executives personal financial assets when considering appropriate strategies. The benefit to this approach is being able to customize solutions based on need as well as most efficient use of funds.  For example, perhaps there is a need for additional life insurance that is more efficiently funded through corporate benefits rather than individually.  Even though we are not compensated on this strategy, it is in our clients best interest because it is the most efficient use of their available assets.

We are fee-only, we avoid the common conflicts of interest that are so prevalent in today’s financial marketplace. We refuse to receive commissions, revenue sharing, spreads or any other forms of compensation from a third party. Because our only source of compensation is our clients, our only loyalty is to our clients.

Our executive team has over 100 years of combined experience. We work with the leading brands and resources of  Charles Schwab Institutional, TD Ameritrade Institutional and Matrix Retirement Solutions, among others, to provide our clients with powerful solutions that rival, and in many ways surpass, the Wall Street brands.

We invite you to explore why we have been listed in Chicago Magazine as one of the top wealth management firms, and a five-star wealth management firm, in Chicago, since 2012.

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