ERISA Compliant Health Savings Accounts (HSA) 

to Complement Your Employee Benefits

Successful companies are always looking for smart ways to increase employee benefits while reducing costs. Let’s talk HSA together.

No Minimums

Our first-dollar investing allows your employees to invest right away, no minimum balance required.

Investment Options

Account holders can choose from over 100 investment options, including Vanguard, Dimensional, Franklin Templeton and more. We can even mirror 401(k) plans under our management process.

No Transaction Fees

We don’t have investment transaction fees. This allows your employees to shift from spending, to saving, to investing, as their medical needs change over time.

Easy to Use

After enrolling your group, you’ll be assigned an Account Manager, who will walk you through the on-boarding process and be your go-to person for all your questions moving forward.


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