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Most of today’s larger investment advisory firms are focused on the interests of their shareholders or parent company.

At Clear Financial Strategies, LLC, our focus is on the needs of our clients. We are not beholden to a parent company, and the firm is 100% employee owned. With no long-term debt, we are in a unique position to utilize the specialties we focus on. Our close affiliation with several other professional financial firms allows us to offer all of the services you could expect from a much larger company, without the additional overhead.

With our resources and connections, there is almost nothing that we cannot accomplish for our clients with greater efficiency and fewer conflicts of interest.

Employee and Executive Benefits

Open architecture has become the latest buzzword for many financial product providers when describing their offering because they no longer require you to use only their proprietary investments or services. At Clear Financial Strategies, LLC, we do not mince words when we talk about our trademarked TRUE™ Open Architecture platform. We are investment manager, custodian, record-keeper and third party administrator (TPA) agnostic. Our only concern is to ensure that your financial goals have the highest probability of success in the most efficient way possible.

Alongside our industry partners, Charles Schwab Institutional, TD Ameritrade Institutional, Matrix Financial Services, and Wealth Preservers, Ltd we have a level of scale and sophistication that is unrivaled in the small to mid sized business market. Whether you are in need of a straightforward 401(k) or a defined benefit pension plan or a custom executive benefit plan with full cost recovery, we have the talent and the resources to address your needs.

Allow us to show you how TRUE™ Open Architecture can benefit you and your organization.

Wealth Management

Wealth management is much more than a financial plan and an investment portfolio. It is the art and science of seeing the bigger picture as it relates to our clients’ goals and assuring that all of the separate components work together, in the direction of those objectives, in the most efficient manner possible.

Our team of professionals will address not only your financial plan and investment portfolio, but also your business assets, corporate retirement plan, your risk management, and tax planning. Your financial situation is unique, which is why we will provide the unique team of specialists to fit your needs. With our a la carte service structure, you pay for what you need, instead of subsidizing a cost center like you would with some mega financial services firms.

At every level of our service model, we dive deep into your plan to ensure we have addressed all potential issues. As an example, many firms believe that risk assessment involves only a simple risk tolerance questionnaire.  We know that that is just scratching the surface.  We believe managing risk also involves assessing asset protection from lawsuits, excessive taxation, and theft.  We know what the risks are and we’ve got your back.

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Our Sister Company

Our sister company, Wealth Preservers, LLC, was created out of demand from our advisory clients who lacked confidence in their current risk management consultants.  We also became frustrated turning our clients over to another provider that ignored our and our clients wishes.  Our sister company consists of highly vetted, yet independent, tax attorney’s, estate planning attorney’s, divorce attorney’s, corporate employee benefit attorney’s and insurance professional that have common goals with the advisors at Clear Financial Strategies, LLC and that is to provide the best possible solution in the most efficient and cost effective means to our client.  Should you feel that you and or somebody you know may be well served by these services we invite you to visit the  Wealth Preservers, LLC website.

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